Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads If You’re a Service Provider

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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads If You’re a Service Provider

Facebook empowers more than 3 billion people around the globe to share ideas within their communities. It allows over 160 million companies to connect with customers and grow their businesses.

If you’re a service provider, it’s hard to ignore those statistics. What if you had just one tiny piece of that great big pie? It could easily set you up for success.

And businesses have taken notice. In 2019, Facebook ad revenue brought in close to $70 billion.

Yet even though you know there’s a lot of potential on Facebook, it can still feel overwhelming. Maybe you’ve tried using the platform before with little success. You’ve spent a whole lot of money with only limited sales.

You can’t keep that up for very long without it impacting your business.

The good news is there is a way to make Facebook ads work as a service provider. And once you crack the code, you’re going to love what it does for your business.

Why Facebook Advertising?

The biggest reason to start looking at Facebook advertising is the demographics. With billions using it and millions of businesses finding success with it, it’s the perfect platform to reach out and build connection with your audience.

Facebook is in every community, has users in every age bracket, and allows people to dive deep on whatever hobby or interest they desire. That means you can find channels that reach out and connect with whoever you deem the perfect candidate for your business.

– A hair salon may target women age 30 to 50 within ten miles of their location.

– A plumber may target homeowners anywhere within their home city.

– A franchise cleaning service may expand their potential by building a branding advertisement reaching people in cities across America.

– The more you define your market, the more detailed you can get with your message. And that makes it a win with your target audience, because they see themselves in your ads.

Plan With Your Customer In Mind

Have you ever sent out a flyer or postcard to your local community? How generic were you with your copy?

Print advertisement may have targeted for certain things, but you still had to keep your message simple to reach a wide audience.

With Facebook, you can adapt depending on the target you’re reaching out to.

Would a man be motivated by different buzzwords than a woman? With Facebook, you can use different ads based on demographics. Change the colors to make it more masculine or feminine. Change the wording to make it more appealing. Maybe a man once quick, professional service, whereas a woman is more focused on safety.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that customers want to feel confident when they sign on the bottom line. Service businesses are often a significant investment, so people will rarely go with a company from the first ad they see. Potential customers want to build up a relationship, want to check out reviews, possibly ask a few friends. They want to compare prices, and be sure they are comfortable with their final decision.

To do all of this and more, it takes careful planning, and a detailed sales funnel. What documents and systems can you produce to ensure a prospect has access to all the data they need in a timely manner? That will only make your Facebook Ads even better.

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Pay Attention To Your Facebook Page

Yes, you can put an ad out there and leave it on autopilot. But that’s not engaging with your prospects and customers. The idea behind Facebook is to give you a platform to create an online community.

When you run a Facebook ad, users may notice. But that’s not the ending point; it’s only the beginning. For services, your customers want to get a better sense of who you are.

If your Facebook is lackluster, with very few updates and negative reviews, they will turn and go elsewhere.

It doesn’t take a lot to manage a professional Page. It takes regular dedication to answer questions, comment on suggestions, and add new posts. It has to be a part of your regular weekly routine.

Also, make sure all of your business information is complete. Facebook Pages make it easy to create a comprehensive listing about your business. Your About should be accurately filled in. You can also place specials, offers, photos, and other information to give prospects a good overview of who you are at first glance.

Use Ads To Get Different Results

If you’re new to Facebook ads, the platform can be a bit confusing. That’s because you have a wide variety of ways you can connect with your audience.

Different goals drive different results. Want to build brand awareness? That’s entirely different than trying to get your phone ringing with inquiries.

When you know what your goal is, you can be very selective in how you build your ad. 

Do you have several different goals in mind? Then run several different Facebook ads, all created with a specific goal in mind.

It isn’t unusual for one company to have a dozen or more ads out, reaching out to different segments in entirely different ways. The more specific you are, the more you’ll connect with your audience.

This Is The Online World – You Have Many Options

If you’re mailing postcards to your community, there are only so many demographics you can choose. Maybe you mail to specific zip codes.

But with Facebook, the sky’s the limit on how deep you can go. The more your potential audience places in their profile, the more detailed you can be with how you reach out.

And with Facebook, you can go even deeper with retargeting and custom audiences. If you’re already getting a lot of traffic to your website, Facebook can use that information and retarget them on Facebook. This helps remind them of your services, and helps you with brand awareness.

You can also use Facebook’s lookalike audience, where it uses data you’ve selected to create a new list of prospects that “looks like your list.” This sends ads to people that have the same tendencies as your selected list, and gives you the potential to up your numbers as much as you desire. (It’s all about pay to play.)

What’s Your Facebook Ad Strategy?

If you aren’t sure what will work best for your business, it’s time to try something new. Facebook ads are perfect for service providers. It’s a great way to attract a new audience, and connect with people who are looking for what you do.

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