About Us

We Are DMG

Our Mission

DMG provides quality digital advertising services to organizations desiring to maximize the impact of their marketing.

Our Vision

We are leading the evolution of digital advertising through our commitment to responsiveness and the continuous growth of our talented team. DMG is the guiding force in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape.

Our Values

Prioritize Customer Success

We choose the right path, not the easy one, because we prioritize the best interests of our internal and external customers. We do what we say and anticipate their needs.

Solution-Obsessed Thinking

We champion a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. We attack challenges with a determined and ferocious pursuit of solutions.

Quality First

Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our ability to evolve. DMG welcomes challenges and overcomes them through a high standard of excellence.


Our spirit of teamwork is rooted in how we speak candidly, take ownership, and do what is best for the person working beside us.

Exceed Expectations

We are constantly evolving and adapting to the latest digital marketing trends. We look to exceed expectations and identify growth opportunities you may not have thought of.

The digital marketing space is becoming ever more complex and dynamic all the time…you need a team of experts who stay ahead of the digital curve…that’s where we come in.

StePHen Hodges

Chief Strategy Officer

If a company wants to be successful and impactful with their brand, it does take help. Making the decision of who to align your marketing budget with is no easy task…You have to find the RIGHT advertising formula for your company.

Dano Ehler

Chief Revenue Officer