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Do you want to attract more customers to your website?

Introducing our free comprehensive web presence audit – the first step to uncovering your current digital presence and your gateway to success in the digital landscape. We believe in continuous growth and evolution, and that’s precisely what this audit offers.

Our team will analyze a variety of elements to gather data-driven insights, uncovering avenues of opportunities, and recommendations to refresh and adapt in the dynamic digital environment.

  • Where are your website’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • How does your company compare to your competitors online?
  • How much visibility does your website and business have across the internet?
  • What is affecting your website’s overall performance?

Enhancing your web presence will increase your brand’s trustworthiness and reliability, and DMG will assist you in achieving this.

Using Your Mobile Customers As Your Focus Group

Breakdown of a Web Presence Audit & What We Will Review with You

Keyword Reports Icon

Keyword Reports

Track the performance & discover opportunity of targeted keywords related to your business, which are a fundamental element in the success of your online presence.

Competitor Analysis Icon

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of how your website compares to three other competitors in your industry.

Page Speed Mobile Insights Icon

Page Speed Mobile Insights

Report on your home page speed on mobile devices and elements that could be negatively affecting the load speed.

Social Media Icon

Social Media

Review current social media handles and gather insights on engagement, posting frequencies, and social trends for brand awareness.

 On-Page Optimization Icon

On-Page Optimization

Analyze elements of your website for issues impacting its technical performance and search engine optimization.

Off-Page Optimization Icon

Off-Page Optimization

Evaluate a variety of factors that assist in building your website’s credibility and online reputation through activities and strategies that occur outside of your website.

Local Visibility Icon

Local Visibility

Scan 30+ directories and industry review sites for your business to determine how visible your company is when users are searching for your services.

Local Reviews Icon

Local Reviews

Review feedback customers are sharing regarding your business on prominent online review platforms.

Benefits of our web presence audit

Together, we’ll unleash the true potential of your web presence, creating a captivating and seamless journey for your audience. Stay ahead of the curve and surpass your competitors with our data-driven insights and tailored recommendations.

Let us help you unravel the secrets of SEO success and guide you toward a thriving online presence.



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