Is It Worth Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Is It Worth Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

How do you know when it’s time to hire a digital marketing agency? The answer may surprise you. You’re successful, have been advertising for quite some time, and have built a fairly strong marketing plan. You do business in Portland, and you’ve sold products or services in many locations worldwide. But you know it’s time for more.

You’re ready to scale and increase sales. You’ve done so much alone and done well at it. Yet you’ve started wondering what you’re missing. You’ve reached a plateau you can’t seem to cross.

This is your first clue.

The DIY Approach Is Leaving Clues

Most businesses start with a DIY approach. It’s how you learn. It’s how you solidify your clientele. Maybe you’ve even hired an in-house marketing coordinator to handle your current workload. That has its benefits.

Many start that way because of the flexibility and control. You can quickly adapt your strategy without waiting for external approval or coordination. And it has worked well for you. Some of your campaigns change daily, and you’ve had good results. You’ve been in control.

It’s also allowed you to build a strong rapport with your client base, personalizing every campaign to match your customers’ needs and preferences. Your customers love it—they mention it when they come on board.

And cost—you know you’re saving money. You can allocate your budget more efficiently based on where you want the money to go. Agencies and consultants can be expensive, or so you’ve heard. Why spend it when your ads are working?

Or are they? That’s what’s led you right here, right now.

The Digital Marketing Agency

You’re a growing company. But what if you could grow faster? What if you could improve efficiency and make each campaign more effective?

Digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of services to help clients grow their businesses. But that doesn’t mean you’ll use every service they offer. Agencies are staffed with people who have dedicated their careers to being good at what they do. They become experts within the digital marketing industry, and it shows in what they produce.

They aren’t generalists, trying something new here and there. Rather, they get good at specifics and know how to get results for every company they work with. You’ll get customized services with personalized results.

Comprehensive Campaign Management

With a DIY approach, you back into many of your campaigns. You see the end result and do what it takes to get the ball rolling. But have you thought of maximizing every step of the way?

That’s what digital marketing agencies do. They analyze every step, from strategy development to maximizing profits.

They conduct thorough research to understand a client’s industry and then establish a multi-channel marketing strategy that includes things like SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. Their experts provide creative services to create visually appealing content. Plus, they are experts at project management, coordinating every campaign to ensure it’s executed smoothly. And they do it all well.

Cutting-Edge Technology

You’ve read extensively on digital marketing and feel you’ve gotten pretty good at advertising on certain platforms. What if you could make it all more efficient?

Digital marketing agencies make it their business to ensure their marketing efforts are efficient, effective, and ahead of the competition. They get into the intricate details that you simply don’t have time for, like:

  • Using tools like Google Analytics to effectively manage and track website traffic, user behavior, and conversions.
  • Employing PPC advertising tools to optimize ad spend, continually test across platforms, and improve ROI.
  • Listening to what is happening on social media and responding by publishing content efficiently for maximum engagement.

Reaching More Channels

Think about your own marketing strategy at the moment. Are you maxed out? Are you doing everything you can because there are only so many hours in the day? Or are you leaving money on the table?

The beauty of working with a digital marketing agency is once you home in and refine one campaign, you can carry that concept to another channel. And another. Because you’re hiring a carefully crafted team, the sky’s the limit. The team will never be stretched thin because you’ll always have a skilled marketing team to move forward and scale your business as big as you desire.

It’s a repeat of ensuring you’re maximizing your current channel efforts, then taking that strategy and repeating it with another channel. We help you identify new opportunities that you didn’t know existed.

Save Time and Money

How much are you paying staff to run your current digital marketing strategy? How much money do you waste learning how to craft a successful campaign? And if it’s working, are you reaping full rewards, or leaving money on the table?

Marketing is always a gamble. But when someone makes it their business, they dig deep and become experts at what they do. They put together strategies and learn the intricate details to make it work. Then they repeat it over and over again.

And get really good at what they do. They learn the secrets that only someone in the business could understand. They provide lower-cost access to higher-end marketing tools. Something you probably have never thought about because you’re busy doing what you do.

Ultimately, it’s not what you spend with the digital marketing agency, it’s how much you make. Because they should be able to pay for themselves through the uptick in business. You’ll have more time to do what you do because you’ll no longer have to worry about marketing. Win-win.

Do What You Do Best

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report, 50 percent of marketers plan to increase their marketing in 2024. These marketers understand that to grow business, you have to increase outreach and engage with prospects to turn them into customers. It takes time and money to do it right.

Still, with only so many hours in the day, wouldn’t it be nice to maximize everything you do to be more efficient? To make every dollar you spend on marketing work for you so you can do what you do best?

That’s what digital marketing agencies do for their clients. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency in Portland, or one that can help you wherever your business is, we can help.

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