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Stoller USA

The world needs nutritious, high-quality-food. And growers are delivering. However, keeping crops healthy in an ever-changing environment is only becoming more complicated. That’s where Stoller® comes in.

In partnership with Stoller USA, we embarked on a web development project aimed at bridging the gap between innovative agricultural solutions and growers’ needs. To this end, we further supplemented our efforts with supporting social media and display ad campaigns.

The focal point of our project was the creation of an intuitive product library, enabling users to efficiently sort and filter agricultural products to meet their unique needs. Through meticulous user interface design, we ensured that growers could access critical information swiftly, empowering them to make informed decisions to choose the best products in order to enhance their farm’s productivity.


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Web Design

Our Approach


We concentrated our design efforts on emphasizing Stoller USA’s innovative solutions and their dedication to fostering knowledge sharing. By aligning our work with their mission, we effectively transformed our clients’ values onto a digital platform, enabling Stoller USA to further their mission of agricultural innovation and sustainable food production.

Display Ad Campaign

In the display ad campaign, our objective was to craft compelling advertisements that aligned with Stoller USA’s mission of advancing agriculture. These ads were centered on versatile responsive design, stunning imagery, and a message tailored to resonate with farmers in need. We emphasized the outstanding benefits of Stoller products in crop protection against abiotic stress and yield optimization, ensuring that the visual and textual elements of the ad set remained both concise and persuasive.

Project Highlights

Stoller - Branded Redesign

Branded Redesign

Stoller - Custom Knowledge Base

Custom Knowledge Base

Stoller - Sort & Filter Product Library

Sort/Filter Product Library

Social Media Ad Campaign

Creating a compelling social media video ad for Stoller USA was a strategic initiative designed to amplify their missions. Our objective was to emphasize the groundbreaking capabilities of their products in safeguarding crops from abiotic stressors and improving crop yield. 

Using captivating visuals and a persuasive message, we had a goal to inspire farmers and growers to embrace Stoller’s innovations, thereby contributing to the critical mission of feeding more people through successful and sustainable farming practices.


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