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Fortis Wine & Spirits

Fortis Wine & Spirits is committed to staying at the forefront of label printing capabilities, ready to meet any challenge your distinctive developments may bring. Fortis aims to redefine the ordinary, setting new standards for innovation, craftsmanship, and shelf appeal.

DMG worked closely with their team in order to design and develop their website, craft an effective display ad campaign, and revamp their approach to social media advertising. 

With a cohesive combination of sophisticated design aesthetics and intuitive navigation, we ensured that Fortis could effectively communicate their passion for label craftsmanship. The end result is a website that not only reflects Fortis Wine and Spirits’ exceptional product offerings but also their unwavering commitment to the artistry of label printing.


WordPress Website


Web Design

Our Approach


In order to create Fortis’ website, we were committed to reflecting the level of detail and refinement in the work they produce. We embraced Fortis’s commitment to collaboration and artistic vision, working closely with their team to craft a digital experience that mirrored their dedication to precision and quality. Our strategy revolved around creating an elegant and user-friendly website that showcases their label printing expertise and remarkable results.




Fortis Wine & Spirits - Homepage - After

“I greatly appreciate all of your hard work. I’m absolutely thrilled to share the results! Working with all of you has been an incredible experience, and I truly love the finished product. Thank you for your dedication and expertise.”

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Social Media Campaign

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Fortis Facebook Ad

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