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C-TRAN is recognized as one of the leading transit agencies in Clark County, and they provide cost-effective, safe, accessible, convenient, innovative, and reliable public transportation moving people within the county and throughout the southwest Washington/Portland region.

To increase their workforce development, C-TRAN came to DMG looking for options on new video creation to use for digital advertising. C-TRAN prides itself on employee benefits and ensuring its staff enjoys their jobs. So, it was essential for the DMG creative team to choose a video approach that would adequately and honestly communicate C-TRAN’s core values to their final target audience.




Video Production

Our Approach


Establishing the groundwork for our video project was imperative, as it allowed us to align our strategies with C-TRAN’s objectives, ensuring that our client-centric approach leads to impactful results.

Our Solution


After understanding their goals, the Testimonial/Interview Video Advertising approach was deemed the best direction for us to lead C-TRAN. We knew this would convey a feeling of honesty and integrity; video research has found that viewers tend to incline toward people who sound genuine over people who sound scripted.

We developed interview questions that we knew would create meaningful and impactful answers; we worked to find employees in all different positions and stages in their employment journey. We then selected interviews and b-roll locations that would produce a dynamic final product.

APTA - 2023 AdWheel Awards

Nearly one year later, our work for C-Tran has won a first place AdWheel award for “Best Electronic Media on Workforce Development” by the American Public Transportation Association.

The awards recognize APTA member public transportation systems and business members for outstanding marketing and communications efforts that contributed to strategic organizational goals.

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