Is AI Changing Creative Digital Marketing?

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Is AI Changing Creative Digital Marketing?

Imagine a world where robots rise up and take over civilization. Sounds like the next great sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Yet AI is already impacting everyday industries like creative digital marketing.

AI in marketing has lots of possibilities. It can generate leads and acquire customers. It can enhance advertising and better manage customer relationships. One current analysis forecasts an industry worth $12.5 billion in 2022 will be worth a staggering $72.1 billion by 2030.
Growth potential is everywhere. How will you be using AI within your business?

How AI Is Impacting Creative Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about promoting and selling products or services. It’s about bringing in business and keeping them happy once they’re there.
It’s also about utilizing tools to help you every step of the way. This is where AI excels.

Refining Your Brand

In just the last few decades, we’ve pushed the limits of refinement. A typewriter made neater copy, but you still dealt with whiteout and less-than-stellar results. Word processing allowed creatives to perfect final drafts.

Now, with AI, everything can be taken to new levels, allowing you to get even closer to your audience. How about personalizing ad content based on user preferences, demographics, or behavior? Or using A/B testing to automatically adjust images, copy, or layout for optimal engagement and conversion rates?

Creatives already have the talent for digging deep and developing branding that helps you stand apart from the competition. By leveraging AI-driven capabilities, all creative work can be refined even more to resonate with viewers, drive engagement, and ultimately achieve and elevate marketing objectives.

Captivate and Engage New Audiences

Imagine if testing was so refined, it could change based on audience demographics. AI algorithms could analyze user data, preferences, and behavior to deliver personalized recommendations for content, products, or services. It could appear dynamically in website layouts, advertising messages, or web content.

Today’s creatives are upping their game on what’s possible. With tools like predictive analytics, historical data can be used to predict future user behavior. This allows them to create specific content and deliver it proactively, based on these predictions. Captivate audiences by providing timely and relevant information even before they realize they need it.

Drive Growth

More than one in three marketing leaders will tell you that tracking conversion rates is a top priority. Even today, nearly two out of three marketers report their average landing page conversion rate is less than 10 percent. The average website has a bounce rate of 37 percent and an SEO click-through rate of 13 percent.

What if you could change those numbers even by a few percentages? This is where content creators are excelling. Thanks to AI, they can tweak all their creative capabilities, from graphic and website design to brand identity and digital experiences. And with the knowledge and expertise they carry into the position, AI only exemplifies their results. Which means you get even more bang for your buck.

The Importance of AI in Creative Digital Marketing as We Move Forward

Do all these technological tools sound grand? Or are they a bit overwhelming? You’re a business owner trying to run a business. Do you shudder at diving into this new technology just to make it work for you?

That’s the trouble with AI at the moment. Experts are touting its possibilities, showcasing in hour-long masterclasses how easily AI is doing jobs today. They show that with a few prompts, it can do a day’s worth of labor. Voila—no more employees are needed because AI is on the job.
In reality, it isn’t that simple.

AI will never have the human touch. Any business can allow AI to take over its creative function completely, but people are already getting wise in noticing its lackluster approach. There is a difference. That’s because AI lacks:

  • Judgment and decision making: The human touch brings experience, intuition, and critical thinking skills to the picture, allowing them to think outside the box.
  • Creativity, innovation, and agility: AI struggles with generating new ideas. Humans are better at embracing ambiguity and creating groundbreaking solutions that can push us in many new directions.
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy: Humans are rooted in empathy and understanding, which can be vital in building a robust customer service strategy for solid customer relationships.
Is AI Changing Creative Digital Marketing?

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How Creative Digital Marketing Firms Are Using AI

It’s true that we can’t stop AI from entering every aspect of business. But smart business owners understand AI is still just a tool and utilizing it correctly will help catapult your business. As a digital marketing firm, we believe there are many places to use AI best.


What once could take hours or even days can now be whittled down to a few minutes … with proper prompting. AI is excellent for generating topic ideas and keywords and even identifying emerging trends. In fact, some of the tools you use regularly may have integrated ChatGPT functionality built in. Just click a button, and you have generated AI content waiting for you to use. It might not be suitable for the most creative functions, but AI makes a great assistant.


AI excels at analyzing data from various sources and delivering deep insights to create campaigns. Depending on which tools are used, it can provide high-quality data to help with every aspect of customer retention. This can give you a competitive edge by uncovering what makes others in your field tick and using it to build a strong marketing strategy that’s easy to follow.

Content Creation

This is possibly the most widely talked about task AI is changing. AI tech can turn many complex tasks into easy prompts. Things like suggesting titles, writing outlines, storyboarding, providing SEO meta information, and generating entire pieces of written, image, or video content can now be easily completed based on topics and keywords.

Yet it’s equally important to understand that AI isn’t always truthful. When in doubt, it will make up the information and sound like an authority while delivering it.

What’s Your AI Strategy?

AI is making waves in the creative digital marketing world. But it’s not about letting the machines take over. Instead, it’s about utilizing AI to the best of its ability.

Keep an eye on emerging trends. Experiment with AI services. Create every advantage possible to build the most successful campaigns.
Your future thanks you.

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