You’ve Set Up a Facebook Business Account: Now What

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You’ve Set Up a Facebook Business Account: Now What

In today’s market, it’s essential to promote your business via social media. With billions of people using Facebook each day, there’s no telling how many new customers you could reach. But in order to reap the most benefits, you can’t just set up an account and call it a day. So, what’s the best way to optimize a social media platform? Read on below to find out more about how to approach using Facebook for business.

Choose Images Wisely

Make sure your page stands out while still representing your business. Using Facebook for business won’t work if no one bothers to check the page out. You want to make sure this page is eye-catching, while also accurately getting across what your business and brand are all about.

A great first step for this is setting the cover and profile photos. Choose pictures that grab attention, relate to your business, are properly formatted, and fit within Facebook’s guidelines. And make sure both pictures are sharp, high-quality images.

Consider a Vanity URL

While this isn’t a necessity, it can be a good SEO strategy. A vanity URL is easier for others to remember. And it gives you a shorter, more concise link for sharing.

Include a Call to Action

A CTA button typically comes with most business pages. Some of the options include “Sign Up,” “Contact Us,” “Shop Now,” “Use App,” “Book Now,” “Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” How you use these can depend on what kind of business you have.

Fill Out the “About” Section

Often, when looking up businesses on Facebook, this tab is the first place people check out. This space is for filling in essential information. But don’t make it too long because people may not bother to read all of it. A brief description, the address, business hours, contact information, and your website are enough. Also, make sure all the information here is accurate.

Video & Photo Posts

Text posts certainly have their advantages. But something to keep in mind when using Facebook for business is that photo and video posts get more engagement. Also, you don’t want to only post one kind of content. That makes your page monotonous, which isn’t great for engagement.

If there’s a specific product or service you want to highlight, photo posts will do great. And videos can be as short or long as you need to get the message across. For one example, you could do a behind-the-scenes video to give customers a peek behind the curtain. Bottom line is, video posts are worth it for the engagement. Facebook also lets you do live videos, which get even more engagement.

Connect With & Listen to the People

One of the major benefits of using Facebook for business, and social media in general, is the ability to interact with consumers.

Individuals will likely leave feedback on certain aspects of your business. You can even make text posts asking followers to share their opinions on a certain matter. For instance, share images of two potential new products and ask your followers which they would most like to purchase. People generally love to be included and for their thoughts to have an impact. Make sure you listen to what they say as well. If you ignore the feedback you get on your Facebook page, you’re not really embracing its full potential.

You can also enable users to leave reviews of your business on the Facebook page. Positive reviews are valuable and can help potential customers see the benefits of your business. You will also have the opportunity to comment on their review.

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Know the Best Times to Post

Want to make sure people actually interact with your posts? Well, timing is everything. While certain elements can vary, there are some general times to keep in mind.

You want to post in one of the optimum times while avoiding the times when people are unlikely to look. One way to make sure you’re posting at the best time? Take advantage of the ability to schedule posts in advance through Facebook, which will indicate optimal posting times.

Use Facebook’s Tools

Don’t just post content without looking at what does and does not work. Facebook has very useful targeting and analytics tools. Take advantage of these to inform your marketing strategy. It can help you determine which demographic is most drawn to your business.

You’ll be able to see how many likes and views different posts get, as well as how many users interact with them. Facebook will also let you see when your followers are typically online. Plus, what type of engagement different posts get at different times throughout the day.

So, while you can follow generic guidelines of the best times to post, these tools give you more specified, accurate data about your followers. You can also experiment a little with how you time different types of content.

Another great Facebook tool is Audience Insights. This gets into more specifics with your followers. You can discover their ages, gender identities, levels of education, careers, and other demographics. But you will also be able to see the common interests and views of your followers. Knowing all of this will work wonders for the engagement with your posts.

Ways to Promote

Promote your company events. Facebook allows you to create events, promote them, and invite your followers. Events can be a great way to spread the word about your business and earn new customers.

In addition to Facebook Events, you can look into using Facebook Ads. These are fairly inexpensive but very effective.

Promote the Facebook Business Page

Let your customers know that you’re on social media. One way to do so is by including links to your Facebook and other social media pages on your business’s website. You can also include them on business cards and in emails.

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