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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving the online presence of a business and increasing its number of customers via all non-paid forms of search. This includes organic, local, and mobile searching. SEO is improved through a variety of strategies, techniques, and the application of industry best practices. We deploy only approved methods that have been proven to have long-lasting positive effects on placement.

Strategies range from strong on-page content optimization to a healthy off-page presence with quality link building. SEO is an important piece to any online marketing plan, and with a well-rounded strategy most any website can see improved rankings.


SEO Will Improve Your Online Presence and Increase the Number of Visitors over time.

Superior ON-Page SEO

The structure of a webpage and the content on it is a very important piece of a successful SEO recipe. DMG can help any client move up organically with our proven methods and best-in-class optimization.

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It is imperative that your site has the proper internal link flow. Our team will validate that it does. We will focus on pillar pages, your homepage link distribution, and link flow measurement. A great-looking site won’t benefit you if it doesn’t work correctly!

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Our SEO team goes through your website to make sure that your pages can be found by search engines. We review and optimize your code, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so your site can be crawled and indexed properly.

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The DMG SEO team will research the best performing keywords in your industry and then integrate these keywords into the content on your pages. We will also work with your team develop the right content that will keep your customers coming back.

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To attract people to your site and make sure they stay for a while (make it sticky!), you will need to engage them. We’ll help with videos from YouTube, the creation of pertinent infographics, and compelling HTML calls to action.

Effective Off-Page SEO

Making sure your site is properly optimized (on-page) is critical to continued success with SEO placement. Just as important is establishing your off-page presence. Building your site’s credibility on the web, increasing your social media influence, and finally, growing your meaningful inbound links are all building blocks of being effective with your off-page factors.

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We’ll create a presence for your site with Yelp, Google, and other sites to gather reviews that you can monitor and use to build your online presence. Additionally, we will properly set up your blog to maximize your place as an industry authority. Strong content can be leveraged off-site as well as on-site. With an increase in meaningful content, the number of strong inbound links will increase.

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The DMG SEO team will review all current inbound links on your site and measure them against your biggest competitors. We will take point on eliminating spammy links, verify that relevant links are present, and build out the process to continue increasing the number of quality incoming links. Quality matters over quantity, and the DMG SEO services will make sure your site is on the right path.

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DMG can assist you with increasing social media sentiment toward your brand and/or products, your social authority, Facebook likes/shares, Twitter retweets, or Pinterest profile. All of these steps are designed to help direct traffic to your site and boost your SEO presence.

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