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At DMG we specialize in hyper-targeted programmatic advertising. We want our customers to leverage our expertise to improve the performance of their advertising dollars by layering on the various audience targeting models that can further refine your digital advertising campaign. We make it easy for you, as our trained staff can quickly build, monitor, and optimize these campaigns, reporting back on what is working and make recommendations using real-time data.


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Geographic Targeting allows the advertiser to customize content based on the viewer’s location. We can target by country, state, region, city, or specific zip code. The use of geotargeting can help a campaign stay on budget by only engaging the right leads. Let’s say your business only operates in a specific geographic area—geotargeting will eliminate the expense of advertising to viewers outside of your defined area.

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Demographic Targeting creates opportunities to refine your potential audience to only those within your actual target audience. You can select a variety of known data points (income, gender, education level, etc.) to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Don’t waste money speaking to everyone when you can refine your audience and deploy advertising dollars directly to the highest likely potential clients. For example, if a product or service is geared toward a homeowner, then advertising only to homeowners will yield the highest success.



Behavioral Targeting is determining how consumers use their web browser, what they search for, and what things they interact with. Big data can effectively build profiles on consumers and then group them into defined audience segments. These segments are available to be targeted, giving advertisers another highly effective variable by which to seek out the strongest leads. For example, if a consumer browses and spends time on home improvement sites, it is highly likely that this person will also be interested in similarly themed products or services.

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Contextual Targeting takes into consideration what the consumer is viewing and how that may be aligned with other products or services. While there may not be a direct “link” between the consumers, enough similarities exist to make a connection of likely interest. For example, a consumer with strong outdoor interests (such as fishing or camping) may be a prime target for an advertisement for a new off-road vehicle. Likewise, a consumer looking at IRS business tax information may be a strong prospect for business banking services.



Retargeting a consumer is a simple yet highly effective form of marketing. For retargeting to take place, the consumer needs to have already displayed the specific behavior desired (simply put, they’ve visited the correct page on a website to show interest in that page). The consumer can then be followed for a preset period of time and periodically remarketed information from the page that they’ve visited. This is a fantastic method to re-engage a consumer that you have already paid to acquire. Bringing the consumer back also increases the likelihood of any desired conversion.

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