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Social Media Marketing


Advertising. Content. Customer Conversation.

Social Media Marketing allows you to reach the right people at the right time with the right content on the right platform. We can make this happen!

DMG focuses on tested and proven methodologies, as well as goal-focused strategies, to drive quality content to your target audience. We forge memorable interactions to develop emotional connections that amplify results across earned, owned, and paid media to drive ROI.

Social Media Marketing does not consist of haphazardly posting on various platforms hoping to reach the ideal customer. Instead, it is a unique, integrated approach that is developed to reach each client’s specific goals.

Through our full-service social media marketing strategies, we build engagement and brand loyalty.

Your social presence has a huge impact on your company and brings your brand to life. Let’s partner together to share a journey with a compelling narrative that stands out and inspires real people to act.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing - Portland Digital Marketing

DMG focuses on:

  • Platform management across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—wherever your audience spends its time
  • Developing engaging, emotional content that spurs action
  • Connecting with your niche audience
  • Conducting influencer and consumer outreach
  • Developing fan growth strategies
  • Listening and engaging in relevant conversations on each platform
  • Developing and evolving your social media advertising campaign based on tracked analytics and data
  • Delivering measurable results based on predetermined, unique goals
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