DTC Women’s​ Health Brand​

A DTC women’s health brand found DMG while seeking support with their influencer program in June 2022. We activated an authentic and diverse set of influencers on behalf of the brand to create compelling ad content that would speak directly to the client’s intended audience to drive both tele-med appointments and subscription sign ups. Utilizing real world voices was especially important during a time of political changes in relation to women’s health legislation.​

Through the continued relationship with the brand, DMG activates and maintains a successful cadence of influencer partnerships and strategy that includes both long-term partnerships where these passionate voices are now brand ambassadors, along with one month influencer activations to test new messaging and seasonal promotions. DMG’s influencer expertise has become an integral part of guiding the brand’s social media strategy in everything from visuals, content pillars, hashtags and copy.​

Influencer followings have and continue to grow from this partnership, benefiting all parties to expand reach, brand recognition, and lower funnel conversions.​

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