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Influencer marketing lets you guide the conversation by placing you in the authentic conversational voice of content creators with an online presence and engaged audience. You might be brand-new to the influencer marketing space, but you are not new to the concept of online content influencing your purchase decisions. Influencer marketing is here to stay, and at DMG, we’re here to help you craft the perfect plan to utilize influencers in a way that makes the most sense for your marketing and business needs. 

Each brand and client is unique, and so are the influencers we bring to your campaign. DMG carefully sources and hand selects each potential influencer. Our clients are as involved in the influencer campaign as they would like to be, and we handle everything from the initial call outlining the plan to the report sharing metrics and results.

Our influencer experts are an extension of your team throughout the entire campaign. We guarantee brand-safe, smart, creative programs that deliver results.


Think Outside the Box

Traditional influencer marketing is behind us, and DMG is ready to show you how much more can be done. We don’t think inside a box and don’t want you to either. Have a great idea but not sure where to take it? Start here where DMG can turn those ideas into influencer action.  



Influencer marketing is already a billion-dollar industry and is continuing to grow at an exciting speed. Get ahead of the game to recognize the impact with limitless strategies and opportunities to use influencers in your marketing plan.  

Incorporating influencer-generated content into a digital advertising strategy can increase brand awareness and engagement, drive conversions and sales, and create legitimacy for your brand within influential social channels and personalities. Depending on your campaign goals, we’ll drive the best-in-industry strategy to deliver the results you didn’t recognize were possible.


We work together to help identify the best use of influencers for your plan. Through DMG, talented, brand-safe influencers create authentic content and share with their engaged audiences. If you already have the content you want shared, there’s a plan for influencers too! High-reach social sharers further spread top-performing content to relevant audiences.

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If you have an education and awareness campaign, or need greater visibility to your product or brand, an influencer event is an excellent opportunity to engage a large group of content creators who can then share what they learned with their own audiences. The proven DMG digital share approach then takes that content to another level to touch the most appropriate and desired audiences. 


DMG influencers will capture eye-catching branded photos that can be repurposed in a variety of digital ways. We can also create a full lifestyle-brand library of royalty-free images for use in your own social media and blog editorial calendar or for use elsewhere with expert digital guidance from the DMG team.

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Working with DMG means you have access to the best type of influencer for your campaign goals. We work with a vast range of creative styles, content topics, and audience sizes. In addition to the results we can very accurately measure, you’ll receive insights from the influencers too. You’ll hear ways your user experience can improve or maybe that it was just as incredible as you already knew it was.

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