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Analyze. Refresh. Adapt.

DMG’s web presence audit provides an opportunity to analyze, refresh, and adapt. The process involves an in-depth analysis of your brand as it exists on the internet. The audit will factor in things like your visibility in search engines, your website performance and your engagement on social media. The goal is to figure out what areas are working and what can be improved to create a better online experience for your customers. The more you improve the quality of your web presence, the more trustworthy and reliable your brand becomes.

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On Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Local Visibility

Local Visibility

Local Reviews

Local Reviews

Social Media Engagement

Social Media

Keywords Report

Keyword Reports

Website Audit Benefits

No one clicks on the 2nd page of Google, so what do you do when your website is ranking on the 2nd page, the 10th page, or not at all?

You may be employing the best SEO practices but not seeing traffic or sales increase. You believe you’re doing everything right to be a healthy, respectable presence on the internet, but the lack of traction is causing you to regard SEO with the same deference as feng shui.

Before you sign a contract or give us a call, fill in the information above for a free diagnostic of your website. See where your site’s strengths and weaknesses are. See how your company compares to your competitors. See your mobile friendliness, your ranking keywords, your web structure, and on-page optimization efforts.

At DMG, we won’t simply tell you the problems. We fix them.

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